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360 degree approach to risk grading

Here are the key things to look out for when determining the creditworthiness of your customer.
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Business export opportunities Q2 2021 update

Discover how Biden’s spending package and Asia Pacific integration are creating global export business opportunities.
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Including ESG criteria in your business monitoring

Find out why extra-financial criteria should be used in your business monitoring and which ESG criteria to consider.
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How to use financial analysis to prepare for an acquisition or merger

Which KPIs to look at when preparing for an acquisition or merger? Read the article for tips on how to use financial analysis in this context.
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Digitising the monitoring of your financial performance

Discover how using digital tools can improve the monitoring of your financial performance and help you prepare your business’s future.
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Use financial monitoring to get your small business future-ready

Discover the financial indicators that will help you prepare the future of your small business and build your roadmap.
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SMEs: The financial KPIs you should use to assess your partners and customers

Using financial KPIs can prove very useful to find reliable partners and customers. Learn more and check out our tips.
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Debt ratio: how to control the risk/reward trade off

How to control your risk exposure vs potential gain when taking on a debt? Check out our tips.
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Fine-tune your financial indicators to anticipate the risk of payment defaults

Which financial indicators can allow you to avoid being in a situation of payment default with your suppliers? Find out in this article.
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