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Covid-19: Identifying the signs of business insolvency

Are your supply chain trading partners an increased insolvency risk? Learn how to spot the insolvency warning signs.
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Covid-19: 8 steps to ensure insolvency protection

Is your business protected from the Covid-19 insolvency domino effect? Check out how to improve your insolvency risk management.
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Insolvency risk: the Covid-19 domino effect explained

Covid-19 increased insolvency risk and threatens to trigger a supply chain domino effect. Here’s what you need to know.
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Credit risk management solutions

There are many credit risk management options: trade credit insurance, letter of credit, invoice finance, factoring... Read our tips to choose the right solution.
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Trade credit insurance: finding the right provider

How to choose your trade credit insurance provider for an efficient credit control policy? Check out our tips to insure against bad debts.
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How trade credit insurance secures your cash flow

Trade credit is a powerful tool that can in turn weigh on your cash flow. Discover how trade credit insurance covers this risk.
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DSO: why and how to improve it

The Days Sales Outstanding is a key indicator for your cash flow management and credit risk. Learn how to calculate DSO and work on DSO improvement.
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Covid-19: protect against insolvency

Late payments, bad debts and insolvency risk are increasing threats in the context of Covid-19. Discover how to protect your business against these risks.
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Credit risk: anticipating the worst

Credit risk management means anticipating the worst scenarios, like customer insolvency. Discover how to avoid bad debts.
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