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Getting high on low interest rates: How falling interest rates have driven savings higher>

For every drop by 1 percentage point in interest rates, savings rates increased by 0.2 percentage points in Europe.

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German SMEs will face higher credit risk in 2020

Our standardized credit risk assessment (TRIBBot) for roughly 22,000 German SMEs and MidCaps shows that median credit risk significantly decreased with the economic expansion in recent years but started to show the first signs of a trend reversal in recent quarters.

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Retail in the U.S.: Towards destructive destruction

Shrinking company count, employment and profitability suggest that e-commerce isn’t compensating for the destruction of physical retail.

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What to expect in 2020-21: Defending growth at all costs

2019 was marked by record high uncertainty and two recessions, though a broad-based recession was avoided, thanks to swift and sizeable monetary policy reactions. Amid high social tensions, rapidly multiplying political risks and rising climate change risks, 2020 could represent a turning point in policies to defend growth at all costs.

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Global Insolvency Outlook 2020: A softer but broader based rise in corporate insolvencies

In 2020, business failures are set to rise for the fourth consecutive year (+6% y/y). The combination of a low-for-longer pace of economic momentum, notably in advanced economies and in the industrial sector, and the lagging effects of trade disputes, political uncertainties and social tensions, will keep companies under pressure.

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