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Euler Hermes is the world’s leading provider of trade-related insurance solutions. We help companies of all sizes to trade with confidence at home or abroad.

Because the future is not always as expected, we predict trade and credit risk today, to protect cash flow tomorrow

So clients around the globe trust us to manage their trade-related insurance.  

Our aim is to help you reach long term business goals successfully. We are backed by Allianz, one of the world's leading providers of financial services.


Trade Credit Insurance

We'll help protect your business against the unexpected commercial and political risks that exist in most economic sectors. Trade credit insurance is valuable protection that will give you confidence when extending credit to your customers. The first line of defence is better information and understanding of the risk, based on our unique rating, before you trade with any customer. This precaution is even more important when exporting or seeking opportunities overseas.  Our global presence and expertise give us the insight to set ratings and give advice based on risk experience worldwide. But when the unexpected does arrive, our customers can be confident they are protected.

Your access to funding can improve when you use trade credit insurance.  Lenders and business funders usually inspect the credit management processes in businesses they are supporting. When you work with Euler Hermes you will  benefit from our unique data and sophisticated online tools that we have developed for our clients. The information can be used online by your team and linked to your own systems so that risk management is more efficient, ensuring that you make the best decisions when developing new markets. Insurance cover will protect your cash flow so that losses are minimised and your financial strength is greater.

Minimise the risk

Surety and guarantee

Many businesses use surety bonds and guarantees to support and protect the contractual obligations they have entered into with customers, suppliers and partners. These financial solutions are flexible and can be adjusted for use on major projects or in different trade sectors. A surety bond or guarantee can safeguard your working capital so that you are able to grow your business without financial pressure. The regulations and business practices that apply to surety bonds can vary between countries so it is important to get expert advice when using them, especially when entering a new market for the first time.

Our extensive global network and corporate strength stands behind our surety bonds and guarantees to reassure your business contacts that their interests are protected. We work as your partner to facilitate the relationships that you have established with other organisations, leading to more successful transactions and commercial engagements. Using surety bonds can open up opportunities in the public sector and developing markets where the risks are different from standard trading deals. The expert teams at Euler Hermes can provide advice and guidance on the use of surety bonds and guarantees in markets around the world so that your decisions can be made with full understanding.

Build trustful relationships


The growth of the digital economy sometimes seems to be a mixed blessing. Many sources have reported that cyber crime is increasing and business fraud is a growing problem. These incidents can damage corporate reputation as well as leading to loss of cash or other assets. Like trade related events, fraud can be difficult to predict and it is possible for any business to experience these crimes. Data protection legislation has made the potential risks even greater as failure to protect customer data can lead to heavy fines. The crimes can be committed by parties that are external or internal, part of the workforce employed by the business, using inside knowledge. 

We have designed policies that protect your business when you suffer the impact of fraud or cybercrime. Each policy is tailored for a specific business so that you choose what cover you need and wish to pay for.  In the event of a claim, you will indemnified so that your direct financial losses are covered, avoiding cash flow crises and defending profitability. We usually cover some indirect costs, for example legal proceedings, and costs related to reputation damage. As with all Euler Hermes claims, dedicated experts and specialists help you to manage the crisis.

Protect business integrity

Debt collection

Late payment or non-payment of invoices is a concern for many businesses. The best credit management teams cannot be completely successful in collecting payments. There are times when the resources of an external service may be needed to reach out to distant or challenging customers. Knowledge of local rules and practices plus a local presence can be vital to securing payment.  Professional procedures and a focus on the case in hand are key factors for success.  

The expertise we have built up in trade credit insurance also gives us insight into debt collection. We are  skilled in collecting payments in most markets. We have day to day experience of the different rules and practices that apply when following up unpaid invoices and collecting payments. Last year we collected over 250,000 payments in 130 countries. 

When our specialists work on your behalf, they are aware that your customers are important and that goodwill or trade relationships must be protected as far as possible. We have teams on the ground in most markets who understand local conditions and timescales. If legal action is required, usually as the last resort, we make the arrangements from initiating proceedings to enforcement.


Resolve debt problems

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